MOSS Foundation Committee of Management

MOSS Foundation Committee of Management

Rob Francis
MOSS Foundation Founding President
Rob has been organising events to raise funds for MOSS Foundation’s clean water projects since 2005.
He works in the waste, recycling & environment industry and is responsible for managing and developing programs for Councils and some of Australia’s largest companies.
Prior career experience includes work in the fashion and construction industries and was Australia’s first professional skateboarder.
Rob lives with his wife & 2 teenage children in Melbourne, Australia.
LinkedIn profile: Robert Francis

Bryan Sketchley
MOSS Foundation Secretary
Bryan has been instrumental in establishing the formal structure of MOSS Foundation and engaging other NGO’s and the education sector.
He is a well-respected senior Melbourne lawyer in the government & regulatory sector.
Bryan lives with his wife & young child in Melbourne, Australia.

Noel Forsyth
MOSS Foundation Treasurer & Vice President
Noel is active in garnering support from industry and the main stream media, as well as producing quality collectables and artwork for MOSS Foundation charity auctions.
He holds the position of Global Vice President at an international publicly listed Australian skate & shoe company and contributor to magazines in Australia and overseas.
Noel lives with his wife & two children in Melbourne, Australia.

John Bogaerts
MOSS Foundation Newcastle
John is the driving force behind MOSS Foundation’s successful fund raising activities in Newcastle NSW. A Senior Constable in the NSW Police Force, John has served in many units, including child protection. He was also Newcastle’s first professional skateboarder.
John lives with his wife & two children in Newcastle, Australia.

Clint Chin-Quan
MOSS Foundation Committee Member
Clint is active in garnering support from the music industry and is a trusted advisor.
He has a long standing career in the music industry as a musician and sound engineer. He manages and markets leading international brands to some of Australia’s largest retailers.
Clint has three children and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark Kent
MOSS Foundation Committee Member
Mark is a talented film maker and is active in promoting MOSS Foundation with communities in Australia & overseas. He influential in the education sector as a school principal and director at Australian Association of Distance Education Schools.
Mark has two adult children and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Every person in the MOSS Foundation Committee works on a strictly volunteer basis and receives no wages or remuneration.