Moss Foundation 2014 Wrap Up

2014 was a great year for MOSS Foundation – because people helped us!

If you spoke up for clean water, bought a collectable at a charity auction or a MOSS t-shirt, donated time or money, or even just put a sticker on your board, then you helped us permanently improve the lives of more than 2,200 people.

2014 saw work on 4 water projects, fed by 3 dams, 1 bore well pump and thousands of metres of hand dug trenches delivering a permanent clean water supply to 51 locations. Veggies gardens can now be established at 2 of the 3 primary schools supplied with clean water.  This enables these schools to not only feed the children, but provide education in growing crops – a very important life skill.

This year’s projects were a mix of 100% MOSS Foundation funded clean water schemes, plus 1 joint venture with the European Union and completion of a World Vision / USAID project.

The skateboarding, music, surfing and business communities were awesome with helping MOSS Foundation in 2014.  There are too many to thank personally here, but you know who you are.

We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Thank you everyone.

MOSS Foundation is a skateboarders’ charity

100% of all funds raised go to building life changing permanent clean water projects in Swaziland, southern east Africa.

Water Project Pipeline Update

Here’s a list summarizing past, present & future projects. We have been building water schemes in Swaziland since 2006 and there are a few more in the pipeline for 2014 & 2015. Each one has its own story and the thousands of people that have been helped all have their own stories. We are honoured to know so many people that have been helping MOSS Foundation selflessly for years now. But so much more is needed, so let’s get on and have some more fun doing our bit for those that need it.



Poppy Olsen

Poppy Olsen – 13 year old superstar female skater – takes time out from the Tony Hawk and Friends Vert Jam at the Formula One Australian Grand Prix to lend her support to MOSS Foundation water projects.

Swazi Board-B-Que Fund Raising Info for Volunteers and School Projects.

Anyone can host a Swazi Board-B-Que, then donate the funds you raise to MOSS Foundation’s water projects.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder, student, school teacher, parent (or all of the above) – you can get on board and have fun helping make a difference.
Clean water is life changing and 900,000,000 don’t have access to it.

The program is simple.
Just download the flyer template (or email for a Microsoft Powerpoint template).
Insert the date, time, location and organiser details.
Have fun putting on a Barbeque or Sausage Sizzle to raise funds.
Contact MOSS Foundation at for banking details.
Feel good that you are helping some of the most disadvantaged people on our planet change their lives.

You might hold your own random Board-B-Que, or put on a BBQ at larger event like a local skate or surf comp.

This is can make a great school project along the theme of “What I’m Grateful For” or “Community Volunteering”.

Check with authorities in your local area regarding any event permission or food safety regulations.

MOSS Foundation is grateful for any funds donated, but is not the event organiser and takes no responsibility for actions of the event organiser or any participants.

Clean the river project

From Bruce Jameson (MOSS Foundation Volunteer in Swaziland)…

Moss Foundation in Australia have once again come to the rescue by funding this “Clean the river project.”

“Clean the rivers and streams in Swaziland” is a initiative aimed at helping rural women avoid having to wash their belongings in the rivers, by building wash stations. This film is intended to show how a simple wash station can contribute to clean water sources and stable riverine ecosystems. I saw the need for this after travelling extensively in Swaziland on a previous project and was alarmed at the amount of washing soap and other pollutants in the waters from various activities, and felt a need to address this particular one. Hopefully this film will help to fund raise for future wash stations and create awareness of this problem. In rural areas people often have no alternative water source for drinking.

By Rob Francis (MOSS Foundation President)…


Soon after MOSS Foundation installed its first water tank in Swaziland, I received letter and photos from Sister Maureen at Good Sheppard Hospital describing the horrendous things that can happen when communities don’t have clean water. The letter told of baby Philiswa Maziya who was admitted to the hospital suffering from diarrhea caused by unclean water from the only water source available. Her doctor, nurse and grandmother did everything they could to save her life, but tragically she died on her ninth day in hospital. May she rest in peace.

After the volunteer doctor and Sister Maureen left Swaziland they sent me photos of baby Philiswa. It was so very sad to she her look so horribly sick on the day before she died. Out of respect, I just can’t bring myself to post that photo on the internet.

Building wash stations will help keep water borne germs from nappies (diapers) and soap chemicals out of the only drinking water available to so many.


Congratulations to everyone that contributed to the successful construction of this much needed community water supply.

Heart felt thanks go to all the sponsors, auction bidders and volunteers at the CAOSS and MOSS Jam events and Charity Auctions in Australia.

Huge thanks also to Bruce Jameson, MOSS Foundation’s volunteer Project Manager on the ground in Swaziland. Bruce we are in awe of your work – and its all voluntary.

MOSS Foundation is also grateful that the Umpakhatsi community were willing to put in the work to dig 5,100 metres of trenches – by hand! That is a lot of hard work.

Stay tuned for news of the current project under construction at Patmos Primary School, Swaziland, Southern East Africa

100% of cash raised by MOSS Foundation goes to building water schemes in Swaziland, southern east Africa.

Ride On Moss!

MOSS Foundation was recently featured in “RIDE ON”, a 4 minute short film by Jennifer Ross.

Jennifer Ross is an award winning director of such short films as “ELEVATOR”, which won an award at Tropfest….

Thank you Jennifer for supporting MOSS Foundation.

Moss on ABC

The 2009 MOSS Jam saw the ABC cameras bowl side. Here is the Stateline story posted on the MOSS Jam and how the money the skaters raise, gets spent. Check it out.