Swazi Board-B-Que Fund Raising Info for Volunteers and School Projects.

Anyone can host a Swazi Board-B-Que, then donate the funds you raise to MOSS Foundation’s water projects.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder, student, school teacher, parent (or all of the above) – you can get on board and have fun helping make a difference.
Clean water is life changing and 900,000,000 don’t have access to it.

The program is simple.
Just download the flyer template (or email moss@ihug.com.au for a Microsoft Powerpoint template).
Insert the date, time, location and organiser details.
Have fun putting on a Barbeque or Sausage Sizzle to raise funds.
Contact MOSS Foundation at moss@ihug.com.au for banking details.
Feel good that you are helping some of the most disadvantaged people on our planet change their lives.

You might hold your own random Board-B-Que, or put on a BBQ at larger event like a local skate or surf comp.

This is can make a great school project along the theme of “What I’m Grateful For” or “Community Volunteering”.

Check with authorities in your local area regarding any event permission or food safety regulations.

MOSS Foundation is grateful for any funds donated, but is not the event organiser and takes no responsibility for actions of the event organiser or any participants.


See “contact us” for details on how to get in contact with MOSS Foundation to see how you can help.