Clean the river project

From Bruce Jameson (MOSS Foundation Volunteer in Swaziland)…

Moss Foundation in Australia have once again come to the rescue by funding this “Clean the river project.”

“Clean the rivers and streams in Swaziland” is a initiative aimed at helping rural women avoid having to wash their belongings in the rivers, by building wash stations. This film is intended to show how a simple wash station can contribute to clean water sources and stable riverine ecosystems. I saw the need for this after travelling extensively in Swaziland on a previous project and was alarmed at the amount of washing soap and other pollutants in the waters from various activities, and felt a need to address this particular one. Hopefully this film will help to fund raise for future wash stations and create awareness of this problem. In rural areas people often have no alternative water source for drinking.

By Rob Francis (MOSS Foundation President)…


Soon after MOSS Foundation installed its first water tank in Swaziland, I received letter and photos from Sister Maureen at Good Sheppard Hospital describing the horrendous things that can happen when communities don’t have clean water. The letter told of baby Philiswa Maziya who was admitted to the hospital suffering from diarrhea caused by unclean water from the only water source available. Her doctor, nurse and grandmother did everything they could to save her life, but tragically she died on her ninth day in hospital. May she rest in peace.

After the volunteer doctor and Sister Maureen left Swaziland they sent me photos of baby Philiswa. It was so very sad to she her look so horribly sick on the day before she died. Out of respect, I just can’t bring myself to post that photo on the internet.

Building wash stations will help keep water borne germs from nappies (diapers) and soap chemicals out of the only drinking water available to so many.

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